Quantum & Nanotech

Market leading systems to support and empower quantum, advanced materials, and nanotechnology research

Medical & life Sciences

Cutting edge solutions for light microscopy, optical spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging.

Industrial & Manufacturing

View our high-precision, ultrafast laser systems for micromachining, together with the latest photonic technologies for inspection and analysis.

Research & Education

We have the most comprehensive range of photonic products all with the requirements to bring your ideas to life.

Solar & Environmental

An extensive range of LED and lamp-based solar simulators to help you contribute towards keeping the planet green.


Be it lasers for metrology or sensors for environmental monitoring, we have the photonic technologies for all your sensing applications.

Defence & Aerospace

We support the Defence and Aerospace sectors with our light and robust solutions ideal for deployment on mobile platforms.


In the multidisciplinary pharmaceutical industry, photonics plays an increasingly crucial role in the whole product cycle, from manufacturing to testing.


Bringing together the traditional and ultra-modern, with a variety of NIR, hyperspectral and atmospheric sensors to increase productivity and sustainability.

About Us

Photonic Solutions is an independent supplier of photonics and associated technologies to the UK scientific and industrial market.

We are the exclusive distributor for the leading manufacturers of scientific and industrial laser systems, research grade spectroscopy solutions, optical instruments, cutting edge microscopy and imaging systems, together with optics, laser diagnostics and detectors for the photonics sector.

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Whether you require a complete system for your scientific or industrial application or a custom solution, here you will find lasers across the spectral and temporal domain.
Innovative solutions for all your spectroscopic needs.
Microscopy and Imaging
Cutting edge solutions for light microscopy and hyperspectral imaging.
Optomechanics & Optics
An extensive range of optomechanical components, optical tables and optical elements.
Laser diagnostics, ultra-fast pulse characterisation, cutting-edge lock-in amplifiers and digital delay generators to meet all your synchronisation needs.
A wide range of accessories to support your laser application including power meters, laser safety eyewear, laser dyes, chillers and filters.

Product Spotlight

Computer-controlled RF source that provides a subset of the XRF features at a lower price point. Intended for single tone...
Monitors pulse changes over time. Quantifies pulse parameters for ultrafast lasers. Small form factor for easy integration.
The MOGLabs ARF and XRF AOM drivers provide two channels of agile computer-controlled digital RF synthesis, complete with TTL control,...
High-bandwidth PID or PI²D control Parallel FAST and SLOW control loops Feedback to both current and piezo
IR SPIDER poduct image
For 15fs - 500fs at ~800nm or 1µm. Real-time measurement of intensity and phase. Single-shot measurement for low rep rates.
FC SPIDER product image
Short-pulse characterization down to <5fs. Spectral coverage of IR/VIS ranges. Real-time measurement of phase/intensity.
Carpe Microscopy Autocorrelators product image
Measures pulses directly at microscope focus. Allows for real-time optimisation of dispersion. Additional laser power measurement available
10ns timing resolution, 2 or 4 output channels, sub 500ps jitter

Our Services

Field Services

Photonic Solutions recognizes that one of the most important criteria for continued customer satisfaction is to be able to provide excellent technical support. Our reputation in the laser industry is based on this service support and we firmly believe that we have the best service capability in the UK
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Our Services

In-House Services

Photonic Solutions maintains a fully-equipped Optics and Photonics Laboratory at our headquarters in Edinburgh which can be used for service and repair. This laboratory is well stocked with appropriate test and measurement equipment.
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Our Services


We provide extensive on-site user training at all our installation visits, ensuring the user(s) feels fully confident and capable in the safe operation of the system. Thereafter, we offer ongoing telephone and email support, and can also make subsequent site visits for additional training whenever required

Our Services

Spare Parts & Consumables

We stock a large inventory of major components; minimizing repair time. This includes Nd:YAG rods, Pockel cells, mirrors, lenses and electronic PCBs. Consumables include flashlamps, de-Ionized water filters, laser dyes and dye filters. Most consumables can be ordered from our webshop: www.photonicshop.co.uk

Our catalogue

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