Spectroscopy is an ever-expanding part of our business and we are pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of innovative solutions for all your spectroscopic needs.

For performing optical spectroscopy we offer miniature spectrometers, light sources and lasers for illumination and interrogation, hand-held Raman spectrometers, modular spectroscopy equipment and time resolved spectrometers and detection systems.

For more specific applications in the fields of photovoltaics and organic solar cells, we have an extensive portfolio of solar simulators. Offering ultra flexible LED based solar simulators, along with customisable large area solar simulators, we guarantee that within our portfolio we will be able to configure the optimal solution for all you material characterisation needs.

Spectroscopy Categories

Miniature Spectrometers
Within our Miniature Spectrometer portfolio we offer Broadcom’s matchbox sized...
Continuous Solar Simulators
We offer CW solid-state LED Solar Simulators from G2V Optics...
Flash Solar Simulators
Here you will find Sciencetech’s range of flash solar simulators....
Infrared and SWIR Cameras
Thanks to its know-how in hyperspectral imaging in the visible...
Quantum Efficiency System
Sciencetech Inc. designs and manufactures five different variants of Quantum Efficiency...
These high performance interferometers are ideal for applications such as:...
FT-IR Spectroscopy
Within our FT-IR Spectroscopy portfolio we have the NeoSpectra range...
Time-resolved Spectroscopy
Within our time-resolved spectroscopy portfolio you will find the world-leading...
Light Sources and Filters
Our Light Sources and Filters product range offers a comprehensive...
Raman Spectrometers
In our raman spectroscopy portfolio we offer Lightnovo’s range of...
Hyperspectral Sensors OEM
SenIR's team is a recognized leader in optical system design...

All Spectroscopy

Filter By Application
Gemini 2D product image
Designed for Two-dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (2DES). The Gemini turns transient absorption spectrometer into two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy setup
Ultrafast TA spectrometer systems. Measurement ranges from UV to MIR. Flash photolysis, TRF and TCSPC options available.
Uniform illumination at 1mx1m - 2mx2m target size Class AAA ASTM standards Largest uniform solar simulator on the market 5...
Highly Collimated Flash Solar Simulator
3.0kW xenon ozone-free lamp Calibrated AirMass filters to simulate the sun's specral distribution 4 varients for different applications Fresnel lens-based...
Concentrator Flash Solar Simulator product image
Illuminates small photovoltaic devices <5cmx5cm 4000 suns peak intensity 500µs flash at 90% peak efficiency and 2.5ms at 50% Pulse-stretching...