Microscopy and Imaging

Within our microscopy and imaging portfolio you will find the highly modular fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) systems from Becker & Hickl, Based on time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technology, these systems are available as upgrades to any laser scanning microscope to enable confocal or multiphoton FLIM.

In our raman microscopy portfolio we offer Lightnovo’s range of confocal Raman microscopes. Lightnovo’s range of Raman microscopes incorporate their patented in-built reference channel technology that is integrated into their Raman spectrometers.

From widefield to confocal and preclinical to life sciences, Photon etc. offers a wide range of hyperspectral imaging systems that are designed around Photon etc’s vertical integration system

We offer an extensive range of lasers for microscopy applications such as multiphoton microscopy, optogenetics, coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS). All can be readily integrated into both confocal and two photon laser scanning microscopes.

Microscopy and Imaging Categories

Microscopy and Imaging
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
Becker & Hickl (B&H) have been supplying fluorescence lifetime imaging...
Microscopy and Imaging
Lasers for Microscopy
We offer an extensive range of laser for use in...
Microscopy and Imaging
TCSPC/FLIM/Time Taggers
Becker & Hickl are the leading manufacturer of time correlated...
Microscopy and Imaging
Hyperspectral and SWIR Microscopes
Photon etc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art analysis and imaging systems....
Microscopy and Imaging
Hyperspectral Imaging
Photon etc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art analysis and imaging systems....
Microscopy and Imaging
Raman Microscopy
Our Raman microscopy portfolio offers Lightnovo's range of confocal Raman...

All Microscopy and Imaging

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Multiline laser platform - Laser Combiners product image
Up to 4 or 6 combined wavelengths, and up to 500 mW per wavelength. Flexibility to allow for up to...
LaserBoxx Continuous and Modulated Lasers product image.
Plug & Play laser diode and DPSS lasers available at wavelengths 375-1064nm. Powers up to 500mW.
LaserBoxx Single Longitudinal Mode Lasers product image
CW, SLM laser diode and DPSS lasers. Wavelengths 532-1064nm, down to <1MHz linewidth.
PicoEmerald Single-Box Laser System product image
Fully automated, tunable ps laser delivering three beams with <10cm-1 bandwidth. Ideal for CARS and SRS.
DeltaEmerald Product Image
Fully automated, tunable ps laser. Innovative dual-colour SRS scheme. Additional fs output for SHG/TPF excitation
V-EOS Hyperspectral Wide-Field Camera product image
Global Hyperspectral camera. Full-resolution images over 400-1000nm wavelength range with adjustable field of view.