Optomechanics & Optics

Within our Optomechanics and Optics portfolio you will find the full suite of high-performance, ultra-narrow bandpass filters from Alluxa together with an extensive range of laser optics including prisms, laser crystals, polarisation optics, filters and non-linear crystals from CASIX. If you don’t see exactly what you need, then get in touch with a detailed optics specification. We will then send you a customised quotation.

If you are looking for a solution for frequency conversion, then we have the ideal solution in HCP Photonics’ periodically-poled nonlinear crystals (PPXX, PPLN, PPMgO:LN, PPMgO:LT) and fiber pigtailed mixers.

If you are looking to setup a new optics lab or experiment then look no further than here, as we have a extensive range of optomechanics and optical tables to choose from, along with the solutions for closed loop positioning from NewScale whose M3 Smart Modules are the smallest, most precise closed-loop positioning solutions available. With their built-in controllers, these modules are easy to integrate into handheld and portable instruments.

Optomechanics & Optics Categories

An extensive array of laser optics including mirrors, beamsplitters, waveplates, lenses and prisms available in standard configurations or as custom orders.
Optomechanics & Optics
Laser Optics
An extensive array of laser optics including mirrors, beamsplitters, waveplates,...
Optomechanics & Optics
Periodically poled crystals and modules
We are the exclusive supplier of HC Photonics (HCP) range...
Optomechanics & Optics
Optical Filters
Alluxa ULTRA Series optical filters and thin-film coatings are designed...
Optomechanics & Optics
Motion Control
View our portfolio of Motion control including micropositioners,  translation and...
Optomechanics & Optics
Optical Tables and Optomechanics
Optical tables and Optomechanics is a broad category that includes...

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Filter By Application
M3-LS Linear Smart Stage product image next to a coin for scale.
ultra compact device offering 6mm, 8mm or 15mm linear travel, Embedded controller, Available as single or as multi-axis systems
M3-L Micro Linear Actuator product image
Ultra compact device, 0.5um position resolution with 6mm tarvel, embedded controller
M3-RS Rotary Smart Stages product image with coin for scale.
Ultra compact device, resolution better than 0.022 degrees, embedded controller
M3-F(S) Focus Module product image with coin for scale
Ultra compact device, Embedded controller, sub-micron lens movement with very low tilt
ZDT-P Pneumatic Auto Balancing Isolator product image
Pneumatic Auto balancing and self centering isolator (ZDT-P) air spring damping element.
POT-P pads product image
Effective vibration isolation in the middle and high frequencies for POT-P tables