Our Services

Our Services

Field Service

We recognise that one of the key criteria for continued customer satisfaction is to be able to provide excellent technical support. Our reputation in the laser industry is based on this service support and we firmly believe that we have the most thorough service capability in the UK. We ensure that any laser system supplied by us is comprehensively supported by our own factory-trained specialists for the lifetime of the system. With our headquarters based in Edinburgh, we are ideally placed to offer quick response times to any UK and Ireland site. Our qualified specialist service engineers are available to make regular visits to check system performance and provide additional user training when necessary.

In-house Service

We maintain a fully equipped Optics and Photonics Laboratory at our headquarters in Edinburgh which can be used for service and repair. This laboratory is well-stocked with appropriate test and measurement equipment. Our in-house servicing at our head office laboratory allows access to many different engineers with different skill sets and allows a more diverse approach to troubleshooting and problems solving.

As a growing number of our products now offer remote access control of their software interface, we are able to provide rapid diagnosis, operational service and guidance on such products in a quick and efficient manner. This has allowed users a simple and efficient ‘Check Before Proceeding’ protocol which allows our staff to see the decision pathways users are following and offer further support when required.

Response times are typically 24 hours for telephone and email support, and typically 2-5 working days for an on-site service visit.


We provide extensive on-site user training at all our installation visits, ensuring the user(s) feels fully confident and capable in the safe operation of the system. Thereafter, we offer ongoing telephone and email support, and can also make subsequent site visits for additional training whenever required.

Spare Parts and Consumables

We stock a large inventory of major components; minimizing repair time. This includes Nd:YAG rods, Pockel cells, mirrors, lenses and electronic PCBs.

Consumables include flashlamps, de-Ionized water filters, laser dyes and dye filters.
Most consumables can be ordered from our webshop: www.photonicshop.co.uk