HarmoniXX Select SHG

The APE HarmoniXX Select SHG is the combination of two well-known APE products in one box: Adjusting the repetition rate by pulse picking (pulseSelect) + second harmonic wavelength conversion (HarmoniXX SHG) of modelocked lasers.

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PulseSelect pulse picker product image
Reduce rep rate of ultrafast lasers Low-dispersion design Division ratio down to Rep/2
PulseSlicer spectrum slicer product image
Variable bandwidth and pulse duration Ideal for narrowing broadband laser pulses Automated and software controlled
ScanDelay optical delay line product image
Precise optical delay line Perfectly for pump-probe experiments Scan range variable from fs to ps
FemtoControl Dispersion Compensation product image
Wide range of dispersion compensation User-friendly operation Ideal for 2P and 3P microscopy
HarmoniXX Series Harmonic Generators product image
Extends the range of Ti:Sapphire lasers SHG/THG/FHG and DFG available, all with automated wavelength tuning.