Diode Laser Controller – DLC/202/DLC252/DLC502

The MOGLabs Diode Laser Controller – DLC/202/DLC252/DLC502 is the world’s first all-in-one controller for driving and frequency-locking an external cavity diode laser.

The MOGbox DLC laser diode controllers provide 8 functions in one device, for driving and frequency locking an external cavity diode laser. Every model includes low-noise photodetector, ultra-low noise diode current source, temperature controller, scan generator, two high-voltage piezo drivers, demodulator (lock-in amplifier), servo feedback loop filter circuits, ergonomic controls, and more.

We have used design principles developed by audio (hifi) fanatics, combined with expertise from designing complex 24-layer circuit boards for the optical fibre communications industry. Test results are superior to anything else available commercially; for example, linewidths below 5kHz.

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