Sub-nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

Sub-nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

Our sub-nanosecond pulsed laser portfolio includes the extensive range of high-performance picosecond diode lasers from Becker & Hickl. These picosecond pulsed, MHz repetition rate lasers are optimal for use in single photon counting applications and are available at wavelengths from NUV to the NIR, and with free beam or single mode fiber output.

For sub-nanosecond with durations as low as 100ps  and high peak powers up to 200kW per pulse, we offer Teem Photonics range of Microchip lasers. These are available at a variety frequency options (Free running up to 130kHz, triggerable to 2 or 4kHz), with excellent beam quality (gaussian, TEM00, M²≤1.2) and utilise Efficient, air cooled, licensed Technology.

Sub-nanosecond Pulsed Lasers Products

PicoSpear Product Image
PicoSpear ground breaking solution for applications requiring adaptable, high precision lasers.
The Becker & Hickl Laser-Hub is designed to integrate up to 4 BDS-SM Series Picosecond Diode Lasers in one unit...
BDU-SM series - USB controlled picosecond diode lasers product image
Fully controlled via USB Interface in in the smallest available form factor - 40 mm x 80 mm x 120...
BDS-SMY series picosecond diode lasers product image
Small size picosecond diode laser available at wavelengths 532, 561, 594nm. Repetition rates up to 50 MHz.
BDS-SM Picosecond Diode laser image
Small size picosecond diode laser Rep rates 20 MHz /50 MHz / 80 MHz / CW Wavelengths 375-1064nm
PowerChip pulsed lasers product image
Up to 80uJ at 1064nm Rep-rates up to 5kHz Ultrashort pulses down to 350us
MicroChip Series Q-Switched PSS lasers product image.
Ultrashort pulses as low as 100ps. Rep-Rates from Single shot to 130kHz. Wavelengths from 213nm to 2000nm.
BDS-MM series picosecond diode lasers product image
Small size, multimode diode laser, wavelengths 405 to 915nm, max power 60mW.