Optical Tables and Optomechanics

Optical Tables and Optomechanics

Optical tables and Optomechanics is a broad category that includes optical tables and breadboards, optical mounts and construction components, mechanical devices with integrated electronics.

Zolix Optical Tables provide different levels of damping ranging from a rigid frame up to pneumatic vibration damping options.

Various accessories are also offered, allowing for a customized work environment.

Optomechanics does not include translation and rotation stages and their controllers; instead those products have their own category: Motion Control.

Optical Tables and Optomechanics Products

ZDT-P Pneumatic Auto Balancing Isolator product image
Pneumatic Auto balancing and self centering isolator (ZDT-P) air spring damping element.
POT-P pads product image
Effective vibration isolation in the middle and high frequencies for POT-P tables
MOT-F Product Image
Low-Weight, High-rigidity, high-density optical table. Broadband vibration damping top to eliminate surface synchronised vibrations
ZDT-P product Image
Optical tables for high-precision and highly sensitive applications. Automatic self-levelling
Solid Vibration Isolation Damping Optical Tables Product Image
Zolix can offer a variety of optical tables and breadboards with a wide range of sizes available.