ORPHEUS Optical Parametric Amplifiers

ORPHEUS Optical Parametric Amplifiers

ORPHEUS is a dedicated collinear optical parametric amplifier for use with the Light Conversion's PHAROS laser. The ORPHEUS generates tunable, femtosecond pulsed output from 630-1020nm (signal) and 1040-2600nm (idler) at a wide range of repetition rates from 1kHz to 1MHz.

The ORPHEUS maintains all the excellent features of Light Conversion's successful TOPAS series of amplifiers: high output stability of <2% rms, excellent pulse beam quality with near bandwidth and diffraction limited output, wide range of repetition rates from 1kHz to 1MHz, full computer control via USB as well as optional frequency mixers to extend the tuning range from UV up to mid-IR ranges.

ORPHEUS provides 120-300fs pulsed tunable OPA output from 630-2600nm with residual second harmonic and fundamental radiation beams at the same time. An optional tuning range extension unit allows full spectral output from 210nm to beyond 16microns. This flexible multi-kilohertz repetition rate source is an invaluable tool for multiphoton microscopy, micro-structuring and spectroscopy applications.

The NEW ORPHEUS-ONE provides twice the output in mid-IR range as standard ORPHEUS. The signal and idler tuninig from 1350nm to 4500nm and the tuning range is extendable to 16000nm.

The ORPHEUS-N model - a non-collinear OPA (NOPA) version of the ORPHEUS is available offering femtosecond pulses from 490-900nm and 650-900nm at repetition rates up to 500kHz.


  • Based on well knownTOPAS OPA design
  • Repetition rate up to 1MHz
  • 120-300fs pulsed output
  • Tunable output from 210nm to beyond 16microns
  • Residual fundamental and 2nd harmonic
  • High emergy conversion into parametric radiation
  • Near bandwidth and diffraction limited output
  • Full computer control



This product could be used for the following applications:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Non linear optics
  • Multi-Photon Microscopy


This product is manufactured by Light Conversion Ltd.

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